Harbour.Space University is a seedbed for start-ups, ideas, and employable graduates. Why? Because in its two campuses, Barcelona and Bangkok, its professors are top industry leaders that give students more than knowledge, they provide them with practical information and a recruiting and professional network like no other. 

One clear example of this is Stephanie Schwab, CEO at Crackerjack Marketing, a digital marketing agency “specializing in social media, content marketing and influence marketing”. She has over 15 years of experience in e-commerce and digital media and has worked with top brands such as Target, Pernod-Ricard, Citizen Watch, the PGA tour, IBM, Marriot, and Skype, among many others. 

She is also the Co-Director of the Digital Marketing Programme at Harbour.Space. In her position as Co-Director, she helps set the curriculum, advises on faculty hires, and guides fellow industry leaders to deliver high-quality courses to the students. She also teaches two classes (both in Barcelona and Bangkok): Digital Marketing Concepts and Social Media and Content Marketing. Furthermore, she has been part of the Space.Talk Webinar Series with Barcelona Activa and has given a masterclass on how to Supercharge your business with email marketing

More Than Just a Class

In her classes, the students learn so much more than mere marketing concepts, they learn to multitask, to be pro-active, to stay motivated, and to be part of a team. She teaches them an invaluable skill: to know how to adapt to new environments, external factors and platforms, and how to develop the right strategies and tactics to overcome any challenge. Most importantly, her digital marketing  master’s students turn, in one-year, into either entrepreneurs or employable graduates. What works in their favor? Many teachers, including Stephanie, want to hire them after teaching them and seeing them grow. 

I hire them because I know their capabilities, growth, and trajectory. I know their education

That’s the main advantage of studying with the best industry leaders and this is especially important in a year that has seen the worst decline in advertising industry jobs, with more than 8,700 positions lost in September alone. The lesson: secure your digital marketing future at Harbour.Space. 

It’s a win-win situation: students learn and simultaneously gather the best connections/networking they can ever imagine.

The Advantage of Learning From Industry Leaders

One of Harbour.Space’s main advantages, is that it helps students network with current industry leaders. Pedro, George, and Susanna are all graduates of the Digital Marketing Programme, former students of Stephanie’s, and are all currently working at their mentor’s marketing agency, Crackerjack Marketing. 

Harbour.Space Digital Marketing Graduates
George, Pedro, and Susanna

When talking about this network that is created for students, Pedro says, “the university makes sure to provide opportunities and an environment for students to network with industry leaders, hosting different talks on and off campus, as well as giving them the possibility to learn directly from experts in their fields”. 

George adds: “the biggest advantage Harbour.Space has is its practitioner lecturers who are industry leaders in their fields. So, it’s a win-win situation: students learn and simultaneously gather the best connections/networking they can ever imagine. Most teachers have their own companies or valuable connections, so it’s up to each student to work hard and have a good chance of getting a job/internship in their desired field”. 

Finally, Susanna reiterates the idea and tells us how she got to meet CEO’s and CMO’s, and how she was able to build a relationship with them. “They could see from up close what I am capable of since each module is about executing and creating products, and by having these connections, they refer me to job opportunities, point out people I should meet to strengthen my digital marketing network, or even offer me jobs themselves”.

Three Graduates at Crackerjack Marketing

As you have read, George, Pedro, and Susanna are all currently working at Crackerjack Marketing. Pedro and Susanna are Project Managers, who, as Pedro states, “work with a specific client to ensure their needs are met while offering them the best solution for the outcomes they are trying to accomplish”. Meanwhile, George is a Digital Advertising Expert who, with the help of other Crackerjack Marketing (CJM) team members, creates a powerful marketing funnel-based campaign to generate leads for his clients. George avows, “the experience at CJM is absolutely unique. We work with big clients and we are able to test different approaches and frameworks across different digital marketing channels”. They are all working, but at the same time, they are all having the time of their lives. 

Being taught by industry leaders makes Harbour.Space the perfect place to develop your marketing skills…

A Digital Marketing Programme Like No Other

At Harbour.Space future marketers will learn skills they are not going to find anywhere else. As Pedro states, “being taught by industry leaders makes Harbour.Space the perfect place to develop your marketing skills with the latest assets required to succeed in the digital marketing environment”. George seconds that statement and says, “I am absolutely sure there is no better digital marketing education in Europe. What I gained here is priceless. You learn and gather experience from the best digital marketing practitioners in the world. It's simply impossible to obtain this knowledge (in one year) anywhere else”. As Susanna simply recaps, “we learn by having real experience”. 

Stephanie Schwab

And that experience with top industry leaders makes students either employable graduates that get hired on the spot by their own teachers or capable entrepreneurs that can leave graduate school and create their own agency with the knowledge, capabilities, and networking they just acquired. 

So, if you love marketing and want to secure your future, take one-year to study and join the Digital Marketing Programme at Harbour.Space University. 

If you want to learn more about Harbour.Space’s Digital Marketing programme, click here.  


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