Harbour.Space UTCC will Transform Thailand’s business and start-up future

Great news coming from our campus in Bangkok!!! As you know, two years ago we opened our second campus at Harbour.Space@UTCC in one of the most exciting capitals of Southeast Asia. And, in 2022, our programmes were accepted as part of Thailand’s “Education Sandbox”! The “Education Sandbox'' is a governmental platform that introduces new practices or programs into the Thai education system. For Thailand, the education quality is of high importance in the higher education sandbox. Therefore, the programs that are accepted, must be designed and delivered by experts. That is why we are so proud that Harbour.Space, together with the International School of Management and the Thai Chamber of Commerce, was recognized as part of this platform. 

Dr. Sauwanee Thairungroj, Associate Professor and Director of Harbour.Space@UTCC and Kamran Elahian HTE Programme Director

Dr. Sauwanee Thairungroj, Associate Professor and Director of Harbour.Space@UTCC states, “the Sandbox programmes are supported by the private business sector to help incubate and promote student start-up ideas to become real businesses”.  

The initiative has the backing of many leading business operators in Thailand, such as: B. Grimm Joint Ventures Holding Ltd., Boon Rawd Brewery Co, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, T.C. Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ocean Glass Public Company Limited, Thai President Foods Public Company Limited,  Fuchia Venture Capital Company Limited, Mike Group Pattaya, and General Electronic Commerce Services Co., among many others. They are all supporting the programme because they understand the importance of higher education and how it can shape the future. 

Why Place an Emphasis on Our Programmes?

In Thailand, there is a shortage of young entrepreneurs entering the start-up and innovative product development field. As the  President of the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Associate Professor  Dr. Thanawat Phonwichai, says, “the resolution of the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce is to create graduates who are entrepreneurs driven by innovation. Therefore, students must have knowledge and skills for the future, especially in the application of technology. With these courses they will drive the country’s economy to be competitive at the international level”.  And, that is what Harbour.Space is all about.

Harbour.Space Bangkok students

What Makes Us Special?

First of all, it is important to emphasise that all of the programmes are consistent with the guidelines for the higher education reform of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation (TISTR) of Thailand. However, even though the academic standards are maintained, they are very different from the  classic, old-school, university programmes. 

How? This remarkable academic experience offers more flexibility and the classes are taught by industry experts in three-week modules. For example, the High-tech Entrepreneurship course called “From Zero to Hero” has Kamran Elahian, a world-class professional who has experience building four unicorn start-up companies, as one of our mentors. 

Harbour.Space Bangkok students

Another of our teachers is Ann Hiatt, who not only worked in Silicon Valley, but shadowed the very top minds of that technological centre, such as Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt, and has a rolodex that can bring even more knowledge to the classroom.

Also, at Harbour.Space@UTCC you will find an array of nationalities, because it is an international programme open to students from around the world. Furthermore, by enrolling in Harbour.Space you can study in two amazing cities, Barcelona and Bangkok, and get two diplomas, an officially accredited diploma from UTCC, alongside Harbour.Space’s diploma.

Those who are interested in studying in Bangkok and being part of the High-tech Entrepreneur Personal Production Course can see more details here. 

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If you’re interested in further growth, take a look at our website to learn what your future could look like at Harbour.Space. Lastly, get in touch with us at hello@harbour.space to let us know your thoughts!

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