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Harbour.Space Purple Friday: Everything You Need To Know

We believe the world needs a fresh generation of innovative designers, bold entrepreneurs, and brilliant technologists. For that reason, we are launching Purple Friday. Be the first one to receive this special opportunity and start your application process today!

At Harbour.Space University, we are looking to expand and accelerate talent development with the next generation of change-makers for a unique study opportunity in Barcelona, Spain. We believe the world needs a fresh generation of innovative designers, bold entrepreneurs, and brilliant technologists - this could be YOU. 

For that reason, we are launching Purple Friday. Our Purple Friday offers 32% off on the application fee and €3,000 off the tuition fee upon acceptance. 

Be the first one to receive this special opportunity and start your application process today

Heads up! The special price will only be applied when you submit your application from November 27 to November 30, 2020. We just want you to be prepared before, so everything is ready to submit during those days.

Still unsure? Keep reading to see how Purple Friday works, what we offer through our Bachelor and Master programs and what’s unique about studying with us. 

How Purple Friday Works

Go to the apply page to get started! Once you're there, it's an easy process: 

1. Register 

Fill out your information to receive a confirmation email. This email will be the means you need to confirm your account to continue with your official application. 

2. Upload Your CV

Now, you have access to start your official application. All we ask at this step is to upload your CV. Your admissions officer will let you know when to submit the rest of the documents.  

3. Pay the Application Fee

After you successfully submit your CV, you need to pay the application fee. With our Purple Friday special price, instead of paying €125 for the application fee, the price reduces to the non-refundable €85 for all our programs and degrees. The fee guarantees we can process every single application fairly and maintain the highest possible standard of assessment. 

Remember, the Purple Friday special price will only be offered to those who pay the application fee from November 27 to November 30, 2020.  

4. Get Ready for Your Interview 

Following the payment, you receive an email from our admissions office for the upcoming process - your interview! Expect to get this email in the beginning weeks of December 2020. 

For creative programs:

  • You receive an invitation to schedule an online interview with us.  

For technical programs:

  • You receive an invitation with instructions for our entrance test. 

  • After we receive a confirmation for the test completion, we send you an invitation to schedule an online interview with us, where we discuss your results. 

5. Await the Decision 

This is the hardest part - you have to wait until we get back to you with your application and feedback results.

6. Ready, Set, Go!

Once you receive the final word from us that you have been officially accepted, you automatically are granted the benefit from Purple Friday - €3,000 off the tuition fee. Additionally, you are considered for one of our prestigious scholarships.

Now, you can pack your bags for the adventure of a lifetime! 

Student trip to Sitges, Spain to produce launch film for capstone project 

Common FAQs

We know it’s a crazy time in the world to make a big decision and move to a different country, but we make it easy. Here are the following most common questions from potential students. 

Is the class experience offline or online? 

At this moment, our campus is open and we are continuing classes in an offline/online format. We encourage all our students to come to Barcelona to enjoy offline classes for the best learning experience. We will continue this format unless there are governmental regulations put in place. 

Roham Hosseini, High-tech Entrepreneur student presenting in class​

When are the starting dates? 

Our programs run for an entire calendar year, from September to September. This means you have the opportunity to move to Barcelona and start your degree at the beginning of each module - that means every three weeks. We advise you to start at the beginning of the year, after our spring break, or the most popular choice, in September.

Are the classes in english? 

Yes! All classes are in English and taught by today’s leading experts in their industry and academia from around the world.

What other documents do I need to submit? 

For now, you only need to submit your CV for your application to be reviewed. Your admissions officer will tell you when to submit all the other documents.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch or take a look at our FAQ page

Also, if you’re worried about how COVID-19 might affect your application and/or learning experience, read our blog covering what you should know as a potential student.

If you need more of a reason to apply, read about our programs and what makes Harbour.Space University special. 

Our Distinctive Programs

We offer distinct programs for students, professionals and executives in the fields of technology, entrepreneurship, and design.

See below for all our Bachelor and Master programs:

 3 Year Bachelor Programs:

• Interaction Design

• High-Tech Entrepreneurship

• Digital Marketing

• Data Science / Cybersecurity / Computer Science 

1-2 Year Master Programs:

• Interaction Design

• Digital Marketing

• High-Tech Entrepreneurship

• Data Science / Cybersecurity / Computer Science

Unique to our programs, our courses are offered in three-week immersive modules taught by today’s leading experts in their industry and academia from around the world. No need to balance five or six classes in one semester -  you will deepen your knowledge in one subject in just three weeks’ time. 


Ciaran Kelly learning stop motion during Intro to Motion Design

What’s Special About Studying At Harbour.Space?

We are the University of the Future: the bridge between talented individuals worldwide and a leading role in tomorrow’s industries. 

Studying here is a very different experience than studying at traditional universities. Our objective is to graduate with all the tools you need to meet and exceed the professional workforce’s demands. 

Here are some features that make us extraordinary:

• ​Practicing Professionals as Instructors: Our faculty is composed entirely of leading practicing professionals from the private sector.  

• Modular Academic Structure: Our programs run for an entire calendar year, divided into 15 “sprint-like” three-week modules instead of monthly semesters. 

Modular Academic Structure 

• Personalized Study Plans: You are given the freedom to design your own study plan and select up to five courses from any discipline within our curriculum, considering you fulfill the prerequisites. 

• Experiential Learning: In place of written exams, you work on group and individual projects, which you present at the end of the course. For that reason, you have a class for three hours a day. 

• Capstone Projects: A Capstone is a year-long project where you apply your learnings and experiences from each course to either launch a Startup, develop a Design Portfolio, write a Thesis or produce a Case Study based on real work experience during your time of the study.  


Capstone projects divided by programs

• Immersive Experience: Not only is Barcelona, an international city, but our students also come from all over the world with different backgrounds. You will work and live alongside universal changemakers that will challenge your views and push your creative boundaries.  

Now, are You Ready to Launch your Career? 

Don’t take too long! The deadline for applications is November 30, 2020. Remember, you will only receive the Purple Friday special price when the application is submitted from November 27 to November 30, 2020.  

*Restrictions apply if you’re considered for one of our scholarships. 

Finally, if you want more information, check out our Admissions page, or contact our Admissions Department at One of our admissions officers will be happy to help you. 

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