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Why Harbour.Space?

  • Harbour.Space is a unique blend of an academic program, start-up accelerator, venture builder and real world experience designed to prepare students to become the next generation of successful high tech professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Harbour.Space is the arena for giant ideas to spark and knowledge to flow freely. We are the first dedicated design and technology university in Europe, pioneering the way forward.
  • The outstanding academic programmes are designed to be challenging and rewarding. Every bit of material presented will require great investment of talent, focus and dedication to learn, yet will generously reward graduates with a body of knowledge that ensures successful professional career.
  • Experts in design and tech with boundary-challenging vision and future-defining influence from all over the world fly to Harbour.Space to share their invaluable industry knowledge with our talented students.
  • All academic programs begin with one to two years of fundamental courses taught by visiting professors and professionals from top universities and the industry. This ensures that students gain the theoretical foundation that will support the practical knowledge students receive at Harbour.Space as well as during their professional career.
  • To gain practical experience alongside with theory, students form interdisciplinary teams and work on real world start-up companies. The teams will be matched with mentors, and the best teams will be selected to pitch their ideas to investors.
  • The intense demands of Harbour.Space programmes will require applicants to be prepared to commit serious amounts of time to working on a real project in addition to coursework. Students should be ready to work in a highly competitive environment that will challenge their skills and perseverance every day. Students will work in a motivating and inspirational environment that’s closer to a startup accelerator than a typical academic program. Having gone through such programmes, students will become ready to challenge the status quo in the industry.

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