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Hello, World! We are Harbour.Space. A space for learning design, technology and entrepreneurship at the highest level, situated in globally admired creative hub and harbour city: Barcelona


We offer innovative university degrees taught in English by industry leaders from around the world, aimed at giving our students meaningful and creatively satisfying top-level professional futures. We think the future is bright if you make it so.


At Harbour. Space the protagonist is the student, because it’s our students who are in charge of the future. Our mission is to nurture and accelerate talent, supported by the most knowledgeable and successful people in technology and design. Harbour. Space allows for brilliant ideas to flourish and produce solutions to contemporary societal challenges around themes such as the environment, health, energy and security.

We aim to become the most progressive educational technology and design institution on a global level. By collaborating at the highest level with industry and academia, we endeavour to develop an unparalleled environment for cross-pollination of scientific and creative disciplines that leads to ground-breaking research and fast and flexible ways to apply new knowledge in practice.


If we could, we would travel to the future and get the pioneers in technology and design from 2050 to teach students everything they need to make a brilliant tomorrow happen. But that’s against the rules of physics. Instead, we gather all aspects of the world today that are creating tomorrow and bring them together for our students at Harbour. Space: our faculty is made up of the most excellent scientists, entrepreneurs and creative geniuses.

Our immersive learning approach means realworld problems take centre stage in the classroom, not textbook challenges. Brilliant ideas are born in collaboration, through experimentation by crossing every possible academic boundary. We know this is true in business, now we’re making it happen in our university.

  • We’re committed to spreading knowledge, experience and know-how with people who share our passion for making big ideas happen. Ingo Beyer von Morgenstern Harbour.Space Chairman and Co - Founder
  • We’ve handpicked some of the world’s most innovative minds to show the way. Svetlana Velikanova Harbour.Space CEO and Co - Founder
  • It's not a typical university, it's a place to become inspired, to learn, to get advice, to share and to make great ideas with some of the world’s most prominent influencers. Polina Nazarova Harbour.Space Coordinator of Special Projects

Address: Harbour Space University, Carrer de Rosa Sensat 9-11, 08005, Barcelona, Spain

  • Address: Harbour Space University, Carrer de Rosa Sensat 9-11, 08005, Barcelona, Spain
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