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Who can apply for the programmes?

  • Harbour.Space welcomes students from all over the world who are keen to study, and the application process is the same for everyone. We are a global academic institution for every nationality, gender and cultural background.
  • Candidates for enrolment into Bachelor’s are most often high school graduates and transfer students. Successful candidates would normally demonstrate highest intellectual capabilities which enables them to successfully accomplish the demanding learning phase. Such students are expected to achieve top results in national surveys at high schools, particularly with high grades in arts, sciences, mathematics, computers or technology. Participation in relevant international Olympiads and other competitions is a strong plus.
  • The candidates for the Master’s program typically have already gone through the Bachelor’s programme and many have accumulated a few years of professional experience. These candidates are expected to be familiar with the area they intend to study and have a well-founded desire to deepen their skills.
  • Harbour.Space encourages international mobility and welcomes students from various schools and universities to take part in student exchange programmes or become transfer students. Any student who wishes to receive academic credit for work completed at our programmes will receive an official transcript indicating the number of class hours and ECTS (academic credits) completed and an overall grade for performance. The appropriate administrator at the student’s home university must agree to his/her participation in the programme prior to arrival.

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