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Where is the campus of Harbour.Space located?

Studying in Barcelona has the following advantages:

  • Barcelona is №1 in Europe for quality of life and for clean environment (European Cities Monitor 2011, 2012 Quality of Life City Rankings – Mercer Survey)
  • Barcelona is №1 in the world for the level of infrastructure and urban development (Cities for Citizens 2011, Ernst & Young).
  • The region of Catalonia, of which Barcelona is the capital, contributes significantly to the Spanish GDP. The growth of Catalonia’s GDP is currently 3.3%, much higher than in Europe on average. Catalonia’s exports are €42.2 billion, higher than in any other region of Spain.
  • Barcelona is 6th in Europe for attractiveness and comfort for doing business (European Attractiveness Survey 2011, Ernst & Young), 13th in the world for business competitiveness, 12th in the world for attracting foreign investment, and 10th in the world for the quantity of scientific studies published in academic journals (Observatori 2013 de Barcelona);
  • Barcelona is 2nd in Europe (after London) for being promoted as a business centre and 3rd in Europe (after London and Paris) for being a significant business centre of Europe (European Cities Monitor 2011);
  • Barcelona is 2nd in the world for hosting various international conferences and congresses (City and Country World Report 2011, ICCA). Barcelona is the host to the annual World Mobile Congress, which attracts thousands of international companies working in the mobile industry.
  • Additionally, Barcelona is among the five most visited cities in Europe and attracts millions of tourists each year.

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