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What is project proposal?

We ask that all applicants propose an idea for the project as part of the application process. You may already the idea for your project or reach out to friends, family, teachers and counsellors to help you find an idea that you truly feel passionate about. In the application, explain if this is a unique idea, why you care about it and why you believe studying at Harbour.Space will give you the tools to implement it. We ask that you avoid choosing a project that you already know how to do. Don't be shy to be ambitious. You will have years of training from best professors and mentors, in addition to working together with your peers. to make it possible. Perhaps you'll be the first person to find a way to implement this ambitious idea. If necessary, students are allowed to change the topic during the program although this is not encouraged.

The project proposal should be submitted in a form of a document with one or two pages of text. It should clearly state the project idea, its significance, the reasons for your interest in it and the reasons why studying at Harbour.Space will help you implement it.

Additionally, students are welcome to mention an accomplished member of the academia or the industry who they would like to be their mentor. Such an arrangement implies that students receive tentative agreement from the potential mentor ahead of submission of the application.

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