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What is Harbour.space?

Harbour.Space is Europe’s state-of-the-art university that combines science, technology and design.

  •  The courses are taught by industry leaders and visiting professors from top universities around the world giving students timeless fundamental education, which is a foundation for lifelong careers in technology and design.
  •  The programmes are designed to develop students’ practical skills through mentorship by industry professionals, applied projects and internships.
  •  These skills ensure a successful career in entrepreneurship or a rewarding employment.
  •  The courses are designed to enable graduates to adapt to rapidly changing technology and to function effectively, professionally and with good working ethics in technology-related professions. They also motivate and engage them in lifelong learning, including entering advanced graduate programmes in respective fields.
  •  Communications, teamwork and leadership skills are taught in addition to technical skills to help students develop into well-rounded professionals and industry leaders.

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