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What admissions criteria does Harbour.Space use to select its students?

Our admission process is a holistic review of each student’s preparedness level for higher studies and potential for a successful career.

While we are highly selective we do not base the decision on the review of the grades and transcripts alone. We believe that grades and standardised test results are sometimes not fully indicative of a student’s ability to work on a project and to innovate. We consider the overall certificates, transcript, motivation and recommendation letters as well as awards, achievements and extracurricular activities. One of the crucial parts of student’s application is the project proposal and ability to demonstrate eagerness to study a particular field.

All our technical degree programmes (Computer Science, Data Science and Cyber Security) require a strong foundational knowledge of mathematics. If your Maths level is not sufficient, you may first join an intensive, one year preparatory Math as a Second Language (MSL) course before starting the math intensive degree studies. After successful completion of MSL, students are automatically granted admission into any of the math-intensive degree courses at Harbour.Space. Applicants who wish to acquire math skills in order to pursue studies at other technical universities at an undergraduate or graduate levels are also invited to apply to MSL.

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