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Tuition Fee Refund Policy


To book a place in a course, students must pay either (1) The full tuition fee; or (2) A deposit (unless indicated otherwise on the application form, in which case the terms of the application form shall prevail). All deposits received are for the sole purpose of reserving a place in the course and are NONREFUNDABLE except (1) In cases of VISA Refusal; AND (2) Subject to the student complying with the School’s VISA REFUSAL REFUND POLICY. This means that if a student changes their mind after enrolling in a course, the deposit payment CANNOT be refunded.


NO REFUNDS OR COURSE TRANSFERS ARE PERMISSIBLE after a student has been issued a letter confirming their full time status. This is unless the student has received a VISA Refusal and only where the student complies with the visa refusal refund policy. (check our section 8 for more information)


Tuition fees must be paid according to the tuition fees structure and schedule which each student received at the enrolment. Late tuition fees payment may result in a 5% penalty of the amount payable. If you experience financial problems, please discuss it with the administration, as a monthly instalments option may be available. Students who have not paid on time may lose their place in the course and may not be granted access to the university.


Please note that in relation to overdue amounts, the university also reserves the right to pass this matter to our debt recovery company without further notification to you. This means that your data will be passed to our debt recovery company for further action. For the avoidance of doubt, should your data be passed to our debt recovery company in order to recover any overdue amounts, your liability to pay will be increased by additional fees and charges.


The University reserves the right to dismiss and expel any student at any time for the non-payment of fees. No fees will be refunded where a student is dismissed under this section.


The University is required to inform the appropriate authorities, including the Spanish Immigration Control Office, where a student has been removed from University under “Dismissal for non-payment policy”. The University also reserves the right to report non-payment and delayed payment to credit reporting agencies.

By accepting the study place, the student agrees to the Fees Structure and Schedule sent together with the acceptance letter. If a student decides to drop the studies at any moment after the enrolment, including before the beginning of the studies, no tuition fees will be refunded. Moreover, any fees which were not paid as according to Tuition Fees Structure and Schedule will represent OUTSTANDING DEBT and will be subject to REPORTING and DEBT RECOVERY. Thus, the student agrees that he/she cannot change, defer or withdraw from the programme without prior consent from the University.


  • The University provides educational services and is not immigration advisory. The University is not regulated to offer any immigration advice. If you require immigration advice, you should seek independent legal advice as the University cannot and does not offer any immigration advice.
  • The University and its employees are not immigration advisers and therefore the responsibility for the validity and accuracy of a VISA application lies solely with the student. Please note that it is the student's sole responsibility to ensure that they meet the visa application requirements.
  • The University cannot and will not be held responsible for any VISA refusal based on reasons which are within the student’s reasonable control, including the student failing to provide the necessary documents, failing to demonstrate adequate financial support, correct health and non-criminal certificate, translated documents, submitting an incomplete application, false representations being made, or forgery of documents. The student is held responsible if the VISA application has been made late and their enrolment has already been processed.
  • If a student's VISA application is refused due to fault attributable to the student then there is no entitlement to a refund under our Refunds Policy. Students' attention is particularly drawn to the fact that where they fail to submit an application for a refund 15 days prior to the Course Commencement Date, they will NOT qualify for a refund. Each student should assess their chances of obtaining a visa, taking into account financial circumstances, criminal records, health, etc.
  • If a student's VISA application has been refused (for circumstances other than those specified above) then the fees paid will be refunded minus 50% of the deposit made in the cases of MSc, BBA, MBA programmes and 100% of the first quarter in the case of MA programmes (plus any courier and transfer charges) on the production of the following document: copy of visa refusal letter explaining the reasons of visa refusal.


If circumstances beyond your control cause you to stop attending your classes, you may appeal for an exception to the university's refund policy. This can be a serious illness or disability which does not allow a student to study further. However, in most of the cases of illnesses, where a medical condition is not permanent, a school issues a permission to postpone the graduation date. A student can resume his or her studies when their medical condition improves without paying any extra fees. An official medical certificate from a Spanish doctor must be provided if the student is already in Spain. All refunds under Exceptional Circumstances are at the University’s sole and absolute discretion.

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