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Is Harbour.Space a fully accredited university?

Harbour.Space is a private institution, as such it is free to focus on quality, substance and the best form of education for our students. This freedom is absolutely necessary to deliver the foremost results in the new digital era when everything changes in the blink of an eye and complexity grows exponentially.

We are convinced that existing universities cannot cope with changes because of rigid structures imposed on them by the governing bodies, and they have failed to provide adequate education that respects the sweeping changes in the working environments of technology and economics. In the coming decade or so those universities that fail to change will most likely lose any appeal because of poor results of their graduates. For example, the unemployment among youth in Spain is extremely high, albeit a lot of that youth has university degrees. Unfortunately, many were trained for jobs that do not exist anymore. Nevertheless, our EU accreditation is currently in progress, we expect it be completed by the end of academic year 2019, but some delays are possible. There has been an official moratorium of the Ministry of Education of Spain to award University status to private or public institutions for the last 10 years. As we are in the process of accreditation, all our courses follow the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS system) and are recognised by our partner institutions, many of which are government owned.

If you have any doubts or particular requirements for the recognition - we will be contacting the institution concerned by ourselves in order to proceed with a one-to-one agreement with a specific institution of your interest/choice. It's a common practice that we are running.

The professions we teach are highly practical. In the current digital economy - 21st century job market, nobody asks candidates for diplomas, rather they inquire about portfolios and real experiences solving specific sets of problems. Therefore we focus on teaching students to build businesses that require those types of experiences and practical culture, and as a result they get not only a diploma, but also the experience of running a real business themselves as well as connections to an unparalleled network of world's most renowned movers and shakers.

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