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I want to start my own company. Can Harbour.Space help ?

We are very eager to work with students who are looking to become entrepreneurs and start their own enterprise. If you have a strong desire to be an entrepreneur, you need to gain the skills and knowledge needed to develop your own efficient startup company.

  • You need to gain a solid combination of core management, leadership and team working skills as well as an opportunity to hone your technical skills.
  • You want to receive support and guidance from our mentors with specialised knowledge in technology, entrepreneurship, company building and venture capital.
  • You want to be able to enter one of the world's best accelerators and compete for funding to develop your own startup business.
  • You want to be able to participate and present your company at WMC, 4YFN and other local and international startup events.

Students will get an early start on building a startup by trying out their ideas as part of the capstone project implementation. Students and their mentors work on the project for the duration of the programme and have an opportunity to study the project idea from multiple perspectives and try out different approaches. Students can also use this time to learn about the market demand, the challenges of building a functioning team and the steps necessary to start a company.

At the end of the programme students present their project during the demo-day. The presentation will be held in front of peers, professors and members of the industry and venture capital. It is an excellent opportunity to make a big splash and attract attention of the world towards your start-up. We are excited to give students an opportunity to make their last day at Harbour.Space be the first birthday of their startup.

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