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I am currently attending another institution. Will my credits transfer to Harbour.Space?

Harbour.Space adheres to the Bologna Process which facilitates the mobility of students within Europe. Under the Bologna Process and a point system known as the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), students are able to transfer and study at European Universities without the need to interrupt their undergraduate or graduate studies. However, we also have extensive experience in validating transcripts and processing applications from transfer students who come from non-European Universities or Universities that do not follow the ECTS.

In order to receive credits for or exemptions from courses taken at another academic institution, students must submit a detailed syllabus in English for each course for which they are requesting credit and/or an exemption. In choosing your study programme you should rely on the character of your previous university studies as this helps to increase the likelihood that more courses will transfer.

In total, you will be able to transfer up to 40% of total credits required to graduate from Harbour.Space at the discretion of the faculty. However, due to the highly demanding nature of the Harbour.Space curriculum, in which each year builds upon the previous year, you will still need to satisfy all of Harbour.Space’s course requirements. The faculty will determine how to map transfer credits into the curriculum.

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