Dalvan Griebler
Computer Science

Dalvan Griebler

Current position
Post-doc at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), and Professor at Três de Maio Educational Society (SETREM).
Computer Science
Parallel Programming



Dalvan Griebler holds the Master's Degree in Computer Science from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul - PUCRS (2012) in the area of Parallel and Distributed Processing (PDP), Ph.D. in Informatics by Università di Pisa - UNIPI (2016) in the area of Parallel Programming Models, and PhD in Computer Science by PUCRS (2016) in the area of PDP. He is currently a professor and postdoctoral fellow at PUCRS in the Computer Science Graduate Programme (PPGCC), an associate researcher in the Parallel Applications Modeling Group - GMAP, and a professor at Três de Maio Educational Society - SETREM in Brazil.

He was the founder and is currently the coordinator of the Laboratory of Advanced Researches on Cloud Computing - LARCC at SETREM. He also performs other several research activities such as being reviewer/chief-editor of international journals, programme committee of international conferences, and organizer of conferences and workshops. He recently started lecturing two courses (Structured Parallel Programming, and Heterogeneous Parallel Programming) in the Master and PhD programme in Computer Science at PUCRS. He has been a referee on several situations regarding research projects and dissertations. Moreover, he has been keynote speaker and lecture of short period courses in Brazilian congresses

Dalvan Griebler is interested as well as is working on the following research topics: High-Performance Computing; Analysis of System Performance; High-Level Abstractions for Parallelism Exploitation; Parallel Programming; Stream Processing; Source-to-Source Transformations; Compilers Design; Domain-Specific Languages; Automatic Parallel Code Generation; Cloud computing; Cloud Management Platforms; and Computer Networks.

recent publications

  • GRIEBLER, DALVAN; HOFFMANN, RENATO B. ; DANELUTTO, MARCO; FERNANDES, LUIZ G. . High-Level and Productive Stream Parallelism for Dedup, Ferret, and Bzip2. International Journal of Parallel Programming (IJPP). Springer, 2018.
  • GRIEBLER, DALVAN; LOFF, JUNIOR; MENCAGLI, GABRIELE; DANELUTTO, MARCO; FERNANDES, LUIZ G.. Efficient NAS Benchmark Kernels with C++ Parallel Programming. In: 26th Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based Processing (PDP). Cambridge, 2018.
  • GRIEBLER, DALVAN; DANELUTTO, MARCO ; TORQUATI, MASSIMO ; FERNANDES, LUIZ GUSTAVO . SPar: A DSL for High-Level and Productive Stream Parallelism. Parallel Processing Letters, 2017.
  • VOGEL, ADRIANO ; GRIEBLER, DALVAN ; SCHEPKE, CLAUDIO ; FERNANDES, LUIZ GUSTAVO . An Intra-Cloud Networking Performance Evaluation on CloudStack Environment. In: 25th Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-based Processing (PDP). St. Petersburg, 2017.
  • LEDUR, CLEVERSON ; GRIEBLER, DALVAN ; MANSSOUR, ISABEL ; FERNANDES, LUIZ GUSTAVO . A High-Level DSL for Geospatial Visualizations with Multi-core Parallelism Support. In: IEEE 41st Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC). Torino, 2017.
  • RISTA, CASSIANO ; GRIEBLER, DALVAN ; MARON, CARLOS A. F. ; FERNANDES, LUIZ GUSTAVO . Improving the Network Performance of a Container-Based Cloud Environment for Hadoop Systems. In: International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation (HPCS). Genoa, 2017.
  • GRIEBLER, DALVAN; FERNANDES, LUIZ G. . Towards Distributed Parallel Programming Support for the SPar DSL. In: International Conference on Parallel Computing (ParCo). Bologna, 2017.

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