Computer Science


Current position
Founder & CEO of Codeforces ACM-ICPC 2006 World Champions Coach

The courses

  • Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures


Mikhail graduated from Saratov State University in 2004. During his study at the university he took part in programming contests: he won two silver medals at the ACM-ICPC World Finals, and many times advanced to the finals of prestigious world programming contests.

As a coach of Saratov State University ACM-ICPC, his teams won ACM-ICPC World Cup in 2006, All-Russia Cup in 2008, gold and silver medals on ACM-ICPC World Finals. In 2010 Mikhail founded the website Codeforces, now it is the world’s largest competitive programming community. He also teaches Algorithms and Data Structures at Saratov State University.


Founder & CEO
Codeforces Jan 2010 – Present

Programming Training Center Director
Saratov State University Feb 2009 – Present


Saratov State University, Russia
Specialist Of Computer Science
1999 – 2004

Major Honors

  • ACM ICPC 2012/13 Coach Award, 12+ times coach of a team advanced to World Finals
  • ACM ICPC 2010/11 Silver medals winners team coach (Orlando, USA). See https://icpc.baylor.edu/community/results-2011
  • ACM ICPC 2009/10 Silver medals winners team coach (Harbin, China). See https://icpc.baylor.edu/community/results-2010
  • ACM ICPC 2008/09 Golden medals winners team coach (Stokholm, Sweden). See https://icpc.baylor.edu/community/results-2009
  • ACM ICPC 2008/09 NEERC Subregionals Champions team coach (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), See http://neerc.ifmo.ru/past/2008/standings.html
  • ACM ICPC 2005/06 World Champions Team coach (European Champions and gold medals winner at the same time, San Antonio, USA). See https://icpc.baylor.edu/community/results-2006
  • ACM ICPC 2006/07 Silver medals winners team coach (Tokio, Japan). See https://icpc.baylor.edu/community/results-2007
  • TopCoder Open 2006 semifinalist (Las Vegas, USA). See http://www.topcoder.com/tc?module=Static&d1=tournaments&d2=tco06&d3=about
  • TopCoder Collegiate Challenge semifinalist (San Diego, USA). See http://www.topcoder.com/tc?module=Static&d1=tournaments&d2=tco06&d3=about
  • Google Code Jam Global 2006 finalist (New York, USA).
  • Google Code Jam Europe 2006 finalist (Dublin, Ireland).
  • Google Code Jam 2005 finalist (Mountain View, USA).
  • ACM ICPC 2003/04 Silver medals winner (Los Angeles, USA). See https://icpc.baylor.edu/community/results-2003
  • ACM ICPC 2002/03 European Champion and silver medals winner (Honolulu, USA). See https://icpc.baylor.edu/community/results-2002
  • Coach of three IOI medalists

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