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Free Format Fridays: Meet Tessa Vardy

Tessa is an eccentric, carefree, yet caring, human being from South Africa. She's likes to express herself using numerous different creative outlets, but this week we're only looking at one of them.

Tessa is one of the most artistic Interaction Design students at our university, someone who always stands out from the crowd, sometimes because of her infectious energy, other times because of her unparalleled sense of fashion.
Tessa's superpower is 3D art - this week, we'll be featuring two stills of her work, along with a short description she wrote to accompany each one.


In the clouds I am at peace. Float on, as high as possible. Flying along and watching as the gradients fade away. Representing a new experience that is about to happen.


Once I had a dream about a hard boiled egg. It was uneventful at first, but in the end it involved taking off the top and dipping toast soldiers inside.

Tessa's 3D art pieces are characterised by their abstract, calming nature, a soft colour palette, and, of course, the rare descriptions for her pieces. She shares an intricate connection with original creativity; she is true evidence that each artist's work always contains insights to his or her character.

She is also a model, and has a knack for capturing nostalgic, wistful photographs herself.

If you want to know more about her, check out her work on her Instagram and her Website, or swing by Harbour.Space and meet her for yourself.

In Bloom: Introducing Nelka Caceres-Rivera

“Art doesn’t have to have a name, or a theme or a higher purpose, it is what it is in the moment that you look at it. That’s the beauty of it.”

Sou. - Your Virtual Cooking Assistant
At Harbour.Space, our students are our greatest teachers. Their growth is as instructional for us as it is important for them - therefore it is essential to our values that we recognise their progress during their time here.
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