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Getting Ready For The First Draught Of Dahli

For our first ever Capstone Highlight, we had the opportunity to catch up with Raj Jain, who completed his Master’s in High-Tech Entrepreneurship last May.



Raj developed his love for having a beer with friends into his very own craft brewery, Dahli, and he took some time to give us insights on how it happened and where it’s going.

So we are a craft beer company that's launching in India. Craft beer is a relatively new concept in India and people have just started experimenting with beer and developing a taste for good ones. Until 8 years go, people were being served shit beer by commercial giants. Now the new generations want something good and that’s what we're catering to.

The name Dahli is influenced by the artist Salvador Dali and because I really liked him and his work when I thought about doing this. With the "h" in Dalhi, we're drawing a close reference to the national capital of India "Delhi"






One of the learning takeaways from Digital Marketing is how to project your ideas into the market at a consumable level, and Raj went and did it quite literally.

When I thought about starting a beer company, I'd conceptualised it for India. So I knew I'm not gonna stay back in Barcelona and take this back home from Harbour.Space. I started developing parts of the project with each module that we had and gave shape to it.


Dahli Logo

I think for anyone who wants to make the best out of Harbour.Space, they need to understand the value of taking charge of it and doing it themselves. Probably try working on your own project in different modules and take the help of the professors coming. Also being in touch with the faculty you liked or connected with is extremely important as they can help you later in life.





The most exciting moment in any project is watching it go from an idea to reality, and Raj has been making big strides towards the first bottling.

We've just started the process of setting up our brewery in Mumbai and will launch in a few months across a few bars. We're also raising a round of funding which should happen in near future as well.


Bottles of Dahli beer
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