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A Barcelona Startup Story - The New Home of Harbour.Space University

Harbour.Space has moved into a new building to accomadate the growth of the new talents and professionals that are learning from top industry leaders from around the world.

The growth and expansion of Harbour.Space University became a prominent image in the Barcelona startup scene.

We are constantly on the move, bringing industry leaders to teach, as well as attracting extremely talented international individuals to learn top-notch skills for the world of tomorrow.

Now, Harbour.Space enters into a new home, back where are roots began. Our expansion is the heralding of a brighter future in education.


To see our growth and the impact of our efforts check the video below

In the heart of Barcelona, on the doorstep of the Mediterranean, Harbour.Space has found a new home: the old Olympic Village.

In a tribute to our university’s beginnings, the new campus stands alongside the storied harbour of Port Olimpic, a modern citadel of technology with roots in the neighbouring coastline.

Our vision is to set a foundation where our new generations of students can find inspiration, and grow beyond their expectations.


The Location

The campus is housed in a new building two blocks from the iconic towers on the avenue leading straight through the most prime points of Barcelona.

This location, at the crossroads between sea and city, is central to the Harbour.Space experience.

It combines the upbeat Barcelona startup energy and industrial mindset of Spain’s metropolitan centre with the positive, spirited vibrations that embody the city’s shoreline.


The Spaces

Three different floors, three different experiences.

Visitors enter the building through the Entrance Space, on the ground floor. This area was inspired by the atmosphere of the modern cafe.

Sleek and welcoming, bustling and comforting, as functional as it is cozy, the ground floor is the building’s orientation centre.

Grab a coffee and ask at reception for any information regarding the building, or just make your way up the stairs and check it out for yourself.

The Creation Space is located on the first floor. This floor was designed as a creative playground for the students.

A place where students can conceive ideas, design the framework and produce final results at will, without the social and practical limitations of a traditional area.

This floor includes the project space, library, kitchen, computer lab, co-working space, and of course, the mysterious zen room.

When you enter the Academic Space, the first thing you’ll notice is the abundance of natural light flooding through the sixth floor windows.

The entire space is also partitioned by glass.

As a result, light entering from the windows fills the area with a glowing, golden ambience, especially during the hours of the early evening.

The sixth floor is home to three large, 30 student capacity classrooms, surrounded almost entirely by glass.

It also contains several meeting and quiet rooms, two large office spaces, and a generous co-working space.


The Environment

Each space within our new university, from the cafe on the ground floor to the large glass classrooms on the 6th, is first and foremost designed to create an overarching creative environment for our students’ to explore, experiment, and excel in their disciplines.

Furthermore, students are provided with the needed space and resources of a modern technological university and the safety and homeliness inherent in the Harbour.Space philosophy.

Therefore, we ensure that every person who enters this facility feels confident and curious enough to develop their existing skills and discover new ones.

All of this while still close enough to share their growth with other students and to collaborate with them to conceive and produce ideas that will change the world.

In this space we will cultivate a culture of creativity, teach multiple disciplines, and accommodate organic growth for our students.

The most important piece to the puzzle, and a key factor of our success, is the extent of which we keep the collaborative atmosphere that is so fundamental to our university.

If there is one thing we’ve learned, it’s that in today’s world we need to work with each other.

Bringing everyone closer together and knitting this connected community within design, technology, and entrepreneurship is vitally important.  


The Barcelona Startup Legacy

Harbour.Space is known for being a centre of diversity. One of the university’s greatest accomplishments as a Barcelona startup, until now, was the creative energy.

Above all, this is a result of the different backgrounds, nationalities and talents that made the university what it is today, during these last three years.

With the new campus, keeping the balance of these synergies and building on them will be one of Harbour.Space’s greatest challenges.

We continuously adapt the classrooms to the necessary specifications while equipping them with the required tools for each of our professors to effectively share their knowledge.

This ultimately results in the intensity and results that we have come to expect from the modern educational facility that Harbour.Space is.

The new space creates a field of collaboration to form a strong work ethic, seamless communication, and an international group that you have not seen before.

Our current students pride themselves for the family they made in our environment. It's one of the priceless treasures we were able to define in our education system.

Now, it is time for our university to return to the community the values that we have worked so hard to build.


And that’s it. We’re finally home.

With this new facility, Harbour.Space has consequently found much more than a new campus.

After founding the university in 2016, we took our second giant step towards building the school of the future.  

This Barcelona startup is finally home.


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