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New Beginnings and Farewells at Harbour.Space

On Saturday 23 September, Harbour.Space welcomed a wave of fifty-eight new students, and bid farewell to twelve graduates. The day was perfect with the sunlight skimming off the water in the harbour. The batch of students arrived at the Harbour.Space doors. Eager-faced, we entered.

Inside it was a multicultural bubble, as people from almost every continent in the world exchanged names and countries. It was exciting to see such a mix of people all with one thing in common - we would be dedicating our future at Harbour.Space to look at technical solutions for the future.

Chairman Ingo von Morgenstern welcomed us with some wise words, congratulating us on making it to Harbour.Space. Ingo also reflected on some quotes from the graduating class to welcome the fresh-faced students into the Harbour.Space community.

  • “Be a student, act like a professional.”
  • “Harbour.Space prepares you to become the next leader.”
  • “I learnt that the lecturers who would teach you would come down from their unreachable heights and sit down with you for three weeks, teach you, work with you and have a beer with you.”
  • “If you’re coming here you are creating jobs for the future generations, not finding jobs.”

Aside from the quotes from the graduating class, they also gave Five Tips for the Future Students of Harbour.Space. . “With all the staff, Ingo, Kamran and the other students, it felt like I was being accepted into an ecosystem here,” shares Clemens Boehler. It was a very welcoming atmosphere. Bidding Farewell to the Graduating Class of 2017

This day was not only significant because we welcomed the new, but we also bid farewell to the old. Ingo commended the first wave of students on braving the unknown and taking the jump to apply to Harbour.Space.

"You were here one year ago, and there was nothing. There was a vision. I really admire the fearlessness you had to come to Harbour.Space. You were the dream and you made it come true. It was the result of your enthusiasm.” Aside from Ingo and CEO Svetlana Velikanova, Kamran Elahian himself was also present at the graduation ceremony, to acknowledge this achievement. “I still remember the first day I saw all of you, and I saw the tiny little smiles come out. Then I saw bigger ones. Today I see the big, big smiles on your faces, and I have the biggest one myself.”

One graduating student, Rishiraj Neog, said it was one of his highlights to see Kamran at the farewell, as he was one of his first teachers. Another student, Ivan Shestunov, agreed that the warm presence of the staff made it special.

Each student pitched their final project which they had spent the whole year crafting and refining to the teachers, the parents and the new faces. “It was inspiring to see where I will be in a year,” said Rebecca Bossart, a new student at Harbour.Space.

The graduating class had a special treat for the night. When the pitches were done and the diplomas were awarded, we enjoyed paella and drinks on the deck. DJ TAT set the mood for the night and decided to join us despite the recent earthquake in her home city, Mexico City.

The air was electric, and the mood contagious. Everybody mingled with each other. Hidden talents were revealed on the dance floor as the students were joined by the staff and faculty, who came down from their “unreachable heights” to share a drink or a dance with us. Lights danced off the walls and ricocheted off the water, mixing with the sounds of laughter. A suggestion of the moon hung in the indigo sky. It was a night to remember.

5 Tips for the Future Students of Harbour.Space

The first batch of Harbour.Space students are graduating! Here are five tips from the graduating class to the future students to make the most of their time in Harbour.Space!

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