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Hello Barcelona Bootcamp : Gleb Evstropov's story

Looking forward to Hello Barcelona bootcamp which starts on Sept 27 we talked with Gleb Evstropov, double-winner of Gold Medal at ACM ICPC finals, and one of the amazing coaches at the event.

Gleb got an early start into the amazing world of computers. His grandfather bought him his first PC when he was just five years old. "It was pretty old and slow, though still good enough to run many video games, so you can guess what I've been doing every day when I was back from school," he remembers.

At the age of 10, his father was disappointed to see Gleb playing games all day long during the holiday on his much faster computer, so he showed him some basics of programming and also gave a book to continue studying. "I was very motivated and ready to spend hours and days learning how to code as this was a step to creating my own computer games :) Such a motivation persisted till I was 14 when, for the first time I was sent by my school to a programming competition. Since then my views of what the cool programming looks like changed completely, but who knows, may be one day I'll get back to creating computer games," Gleb told us.

When entering University he started to give weekly competitive programming classes in his former school and he still teaches competitive programming seven years later: on a much higher level, though. In addition to teaching others he has won Gold Medals at ACM ICPC 2014 and 2015 - attending many boot camps and teaching at many more. "Bootcamp is a unique opportunity to improve your competitive programming level while having a really nice time. For sure, attending different boot camps is the part of programming competitor career I miss the most. Anyone, attending it for the first time should expect to face a very decent competitors, hard problems and tight schedule, at least, these were the most surprising things I faced during my first camp," Gleb told us.

Bootcamp is a unique opportunity to improve your competitive programming level while having a really nice time,” — Gleb Evstropov, double-winner of Gold Medal at ACM ICPC finals




So, what's the best way to get the most out of the camp? "I think the is now universal solution for "get the most out of a camp", everyone should find his own path, but the general guideline will be: communicate with other participants as much as you can, make sure you do upsolving (at least some), keep track on how much you sleep," he said.

Looking beyond the competitions - will the competition winners be the best programmers in the real life? "This is probably the most arguable topic regarding competitive programming. What is for sure: doing competitve programming really helps you pass the interviews and get a good job," Gleb said.

However, on the work performance the views might differ a lot. "The reason is probably that the world of professional engineering is very diverse: some tasks will be immediately aced by any experienced ICPC participant, while others might require a completely different set of skills or a totally new idea, making all programmers equal, whatever their background is," he said.​

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