Katlin Kaldmaa
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Katlin Kaldmaa

Current position
International Secretary at PEN International

The Courses

  • Creative Writing, Storytelling, and Creative Performing


Kätlin Kaldmaa is an Estonian poet, writer, translator and literary critic. She has published four collections of poetry “Larii-laree” (1996), “One is None” (2008) and “Worlds, Unseen” (2009), “The Alphabet of Love” (2012), three books for children, “Four Children and Murka” (2010), "The Story of Someone of the Elderly's Daughter” (2016) and “It’s Damn Good to be a Bad Girl“ (2016), autobiographical works of nonfiction, „Happiness is the Matter of Choice” (2013) and “Two Love Stories“ (2017), short story collection “The Small Sharp Knife” (2014) and a novel “No Butterflies in Iceland” (2013).

Collections of her poems have been published in English, “One is None” (2014), Arabic “Geography of Love” (2015), Finnish, “The Alphabet of Love” (2015) and Spanish (2017) “La geografía del amor“, collection of short stories in Hungarian, novel in Finnish, and children’s book “The Story of Someone of the Elderly's Daughter“ in Icelandic. Upcoming collections of poetry in Catalan and short stories in English.

She has written widely on literature, mostly literature in translation, and has translated more than 70 works of world’s best literature from British Isles to Latin America. Amongst translated authors there are Jeanette Winterson, Aphra Behn, Michael Ondaatje, James Meek, Ali Smith, Meg Rosoff, Madeleine Thien, Goran Simić and Gabriel García Márquez. Her own poems have been translated into Arabic, Asturian, Czech, Finnish, French, English, Galician, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Japanese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish and Turkish. In 2012 she won the annual Friedebert Tuglas short story award. Kätlin Kaldmaa is the President of Estonian PEN and as of 2016 serves as the International Secretary of PEN International. In 2017 her children’s book “It’s Damn Good to Be a Bad Girl“ was included in White Ravens 2017 catalogue of the world’s most notable children’s books. She is currently working on her second novel.


International Secretary
PEN International
2016 – Present

Estonian PEN
2010 – Present

Coordinator of Foreign Relations
Estonian Children’s Literature Centre
2010 – 2016

Estonian first book magazine “Lugu” (“Story”)
2009 – 2011


  • 2012 Tallinn University, English Language and Culture
  • 2008 British Council Bookcase at Edinburgh Book Festival
  • 2007 British Council Cambridge Seminar on contemporary British literature
  • 2002 Scottish Universities’ International Summer School, British and Scottish Postmodernism course “Text and Context”
  • 1997 – 2005 Estonian Institute of Humanities, Semiotics and Anglistics
  • 1989 – 1992 Tartu University, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Estonian and Finno-Ugric Linguistics  

Selected Publications

  • 2017 Forthcoming: poetry collections in Spanish and Catalan, novel in Finnish
  • 2016 “Breviarium”, short stories, in Hungarian
  • 2016 “Einhver Ekkineinsdottir”, children’s book, in Icelandic
  • 2015 “Rakkauden aakkoset”, collection of poetry, in Finnish
  • 2015 “Geography of Love”, collection of poetry, in Arabic
  • 2014 “One Is None”, poetry collection, in English
  • 2013 “8+8”, anthology of poetry, Estonian-Finnish, translator + author


  • 2010 Fouding member of Estonian PEN
  • 2008 Member of IBBY Estonia
  • 2007 Member of Estonian Writers’ Union

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